Mission Statement

Create and maintain relaxing and healthy environments with quality plantscape designs.

Interior plantscape is a natural and necessary part of the modern work environment. Plants lend an IMAGE that welcomes clients and are a significant part of the corporate signature, instilling a sense of quality in the atmosphere.

A gracious office, enhanced by healthy, beautifully maintained plants can help create that first valuable impression – IMAGE. Proper planning and layout and design of a plant scheme by a team of experienced consultants will assist in developing your company’s IMAGE.

Plants project an IMAGE of success by:

  • Creating a comfortable décor
  • Increasing employee morale and performance
  • Humanizing and accenting hard architectural design and lines
  • Conveying an invitation to relax and do business.


We are a full service interior plantscape company, specializing in design, purchase or lease, installation and weekly maintenance with replacement guarantee.

Our performance is a matter of record. Let our total service staff show you why we’ve earned our reputation for customer satisfaction. Our business was built on it.

Sue-Z-bee’s team of plant care specialists provide sound installation methods and materials, proper plant selection with consideration to lighting, temperature humidity and traffic. Weekly maintenance includes watering, fertilizing, cleaning, trimming, disease control, plant replacement, and quick response to special needs.

Health Benefits

The usage of plants indoors has become a health necessity – NASA studies prove that living plants make indoor air healthier. Research by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) proves that plants are capable of cleaning indoor air of volatile organic chemicals.

Potted Ivy